“Eve” Park Byung-eun: “I didn’t care about Seo Ye-ji’s controversy… I was grateful for her diligent analysis of the script”

Actor Park Byung-eun talked about Seo Ye-ji’s controversy.

In an interview held on July 22nd, Park Byung-eun mentioned Seo Ye-ji, who worked together with him in tvN’s “Eve“, “I knew such a situation after Seo Ye-ji was cast. We met for work. I didn’t care about external parts other than work. I was only anxious and curious about how our chemistry would be like out of the set. I thought the same about Yoo Sun. Seo Ye-ji focused on filming without paying attention to external things. When I looked at Seo Ye-ji’s script, it was tattered. My script looked like a new one. I was grateful for her diligent analysis of the script.”

He added, “It was nice to think that we could work together. Above all, she had a good attitude towards work. I was also grateful for her emotional acting. I shed tears during rehearsals. There were times when I had a hard time because I didn’t have any emotions, and there were also times I had too many emotions. In the second half, the emotions that were pressed in the beginning were expressed passionately. I felt sad and sorry for a long time because I thought she was my loved one. There was no reason to care about controversy or anything. That actress poured out good feelings when she acted with me. All I had to do was immerse myself in the character on the set.”

“Eve”, in which Park Byung-eun performed enthusiastically, ended on July 21st.

Source: nate

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