Entertainment reporter Lee Jin Ho, “Lee Seung Gi was wearing couple item with another actress”

After singer Lee Seung Gi announced his marriage to Lee Da In, he got recognized as veteran actress Kyeon Mi Ri’s son-in-law. 

On February 7th, entertainment reporter-turned-YouTuber Lee Jin Ho posted a new video about Lee Seung Gi on his channel. 

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Lee Jin Ho said, “Lee Seung Gi’s feelings for Lee Da In are amazing. He ate together with her mother Kyeon Mi Ri and stayed close. This is the first time I revealed it, but Lee Seung Gi even wore couple beads with Kyeon Mi Ri, who has become his mother-in-law.”

In the published photo, Lee Seung Gi and Kyeon Mi Ri were wearing couple beads. Regarding this, Lee Jin Ho explained, “Kyeon Mi Ri and Lee Seung Gi wore the same beads. Lee Seung Gi didn’t wear them for a day or two. That’s how deep the relationship between the two is.”

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He continued, “Kyeon Mi Ri did not give this rosary to anyone, but only to someone close enough. In fact, there is another male celebrity who received this rosary from her. I will reveal this next time.”

He added, “Lee Seung Gi was originally a Christian. But he devoted himself enough to visit temples for his girlfriend Lee Da In often. He tries to listen to everything his girlfriend wants. It is not controlled by the outside.”

Lee Seung Gi Kyeon Mi-ri

Earlier, on February 7th, Lee Seung Gi announced the news of his marriage to Lee Da In through his Instagram account. He said, “I decided to spend the rest of my life with my beloved Da In as a married couple, not as lovers. I proposed and she said yes.”

Lee Da In’s agency also made an official statement, saying, “Lee Da In has formed a precious relationship with Lee Seung Gi as her reliable companion. We ask for warm blessings and encouragement for the future of the two who will forever be on each other’s side.”

Source: Wikitree

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