An employee of Samsung SDI complains, “I feel like I’m going crazy seeing BTS bought a house”

A Samsung employee expressed envy towards BTS. 

Recently, on Blind, an anonymous online community of Korean office workers where users have to verify their accounts using work emails, an employee of Samsung SDI mentioned the success story of global boy group BTS and showed their frustration. The post has been drawing netizens’ attention. 

Specifically, the employee expressed their jealousy with BTS from the title, “I feel like I’m going crazy after seeing BTS buy a house.” This person vented their anger in their post:


Honestly, these guys (BTS) do what they want to do and make fortunes because of luck. I made more effort than them though. Did they take the CSAT? Did they go to college for four years?

It’s hard for me to buy a house even if I keep doing things I don’t want to do and working hard. BTS got lucky doing what they like, and it makes me really mad. I feel like I’m going crazy.

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The absurd story was immediately met with intense fire from netizens, who wrote criticizing comments like below:

  • I’m sure BTS has tried much much harder than you. 
  • If you feel life’s unfair, then go and be an idol?
  • Prepare for idols fans coming your way
  • Samsung must be having a hard time
  • Is Samsung’s stock price falling yet?
  • If you become a team leader at Samsung, you are going to drag down all of your teammates.
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BTS recently gave a speech on hate crimes against Asian people at the White House. 

In general, the perspective of the employee is criticized as “refracted” and “distorted”, as if the only way to success is to study.

As netizens pointed out it’s impossible to compare the effort spent by a regular person and BTS, who raised to become global stars despite having no silver spoons and dying to compete in the harsh Kpop industry. Forbes, an American business magazine, even once wrote: “Over the years, BTS has worked twice as hard as the contemporary Western artists.


Meanwhile, BTS’s RM and Jimin recently became owners of homes within the prestigious residence “Nine One Hannam” in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. Apartments there are listed at 9.4 billion won ($7.4 million) for roughly 244.72 square meters (2634 square feet).

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Source: wikitree

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