“Don’t shoot at my eyes”… Netizens express displeasure about Water Bomb audience shooting water at the faces of performing artists

The dangerous water gun baptism poured on the singers who performed at ‘Water Bomb’ is currently the talk of the town.

From the 24th to the 26th, ‘Water Bomb Seoul 2022’ was held at Jamsil Sports Complex. It was a festival that came back after 3 years, so it attracted great attention.

Singers’ performances to brighten up the festival have also been a hot topic because of the flashy lineup, which includes top artists like EXO Kai, (G)I-DLE, Hwasa, Jay Park, BiBi, etc. However, some of the audience’s ignorant actions made them frown.

Water Bomb Seoul 2022

At Waterbomb, they were allowed to shoot water guns at performing singers. However, many artists got into trouble because the audience attacked their faces with water guns.

Shuhua (g)idle

After the show ended, (G)I-DLE Jeon So-yeon said, “You guys can play water guns freely, but please don’t shoot people in the eyes with them. I miss you!!!” However, the water gun attack was still continued.

After the performance, Shuhua said on Naver VLIVE: “I just got back from there (Water Bomb Seoul 2022) and I was really shocked. Who would shoot a water gun in someone’s face like that? I tried to open my eyes to dodge but then I got hit and couldn’t see anyone for about 30 seconds.”


In addition, a photo of Jay Park‘s bloodshot eyes was widely shared and created a wave of anger on SNS.

Water Bomb Seoul 2022

Netizens poured out outraged comments on SNS such as “How can they come up with such tricks? How can you shoot water guns in people’s faces?”, “Why are they so childish?”, “Such ass****s! I was surprised when I saw the photos!”

Some videos of idols being shoot in the eyes with water guns at Water Bomb Seoul 2022:

Source: Dispatch

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