Han Jimin showed affection for a man on her Instagram, his identity is? 

Han Jimin’s latest Instagram post is drawing attention. 

On June 30th, Han Jimin shared two new photos with the caption, “Thank you always” on her Instagram.

Han Ji min

The photos show Han Jimin and her male manager side by side at the filming location of the recently ended tvN drama ‘Our Blues‘, in which Han Ji Min played one of the main characters. 

The manager was holding a large umbrella and blocking the sunlight behind Han Jimin while she was posing on the sandy beach. He stuck by Han Jimin’s side to make sure she wouldn’t get sunburned. 

Han Ji min

When Han Jimin expressed her gratitude, the manager left a comment, “I’m more grateful to noona.” Han Jimin then responded, “(You are) my right arm. Actually, my left arm. Maybe even two legs.” 

Han Ji min

Netizens reacted to the heartwarming friendship between Han Jimin and her manager with comments such as, “The friendship between the two of you is lovely“, “I want to be Han Jimin’s manager too“, “I’ve never envied anyone in my life, but I’m envious of the manager“, “Han Jimin is so pretty“, “The manager seems very sweet“, etc. 

han ji min

Meanwhile, Han Jimin recently completed the filming for ‘Our Blues’ and is currently preparing for the release of TVING’s original series ‘Yonder’. She is also set to make a guest appearance in tvN’s chat show ‘You Quiz on the Block‘ hosted by Yoo Jaesuk and Jo Seho.

han ji min instagram

Source: wikitree

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