“Does Lee Young Ji smoke?” Lee Young Ji pulls a hilarious prank 

Lee Young Ji makes everyone laugh with her new update. 

On November 17th, Lee Young Ji shared a new video on her Instagram with the caption, “A sigh of life,” and added a cigarette emoticon. 

lee young ji

In the video, Lee Young Ji is exhaling smoke with the camera behind her. Rapper Khan reacted in surprise by saying, “Oh, does Lee Young Ji smoke?” Lee Young Ji immediately turned her back and revealed she was holding a portable humidifier close to her face, drawing laughter.

lee young ji

Netizens left comments, “Lee Young Ji is so cute”, “I really thought you were smoking a cigarette,” “You look like a match girl,” and “Young Ji, don’t learn such things,” “You’re still young to learn the bitterness of life” and “It’s lovely when she looked back brightly.”

Meanwhile, Lee Young Ji is currently appearing on Mnet’s ‘Show Me the Money 11’ as a contestant.

Source: Nate  

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