Does Kpop’s fashion icon BLACKPINK slay any color in every outfit they wear? 

Here is an expert’s analysis of what colors BLACKPINK members should be dressed in, and what don’t suit them. 

BLACKPINK has always been a fashion icon among Kpop stars. The members look good in different kinds of outfits, but there can still be some exceptions. The reason is because the outfits’ colors sometimes may not match them well. 

To better illustrate the importance of colors in outfits, an expert recently analyzed individual colors, based on skin tone and eye color to come up with the right outfit colors for the 4 members of BLACKPINK. The analysis table is divided into 4 cells: spring, summer, autumn, winter corresponding to the sun, moon, earth and star.

female idols undertone
A personalized palette based on skin undertone and eye color

The results after analysis are as follows:

Blackpink undertone
Jennie, Rosé and Lisa all have the same undertone, Jisoo is the only exception





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