“Doctor Cha’s” mother-in-law: stunning visuals back in her youth, various top-tier projects

Kwak Ae Shim, the mother-in-law of the female lead in “Doctor Cha”, is an interesting character that has drawn plenty of attention. 

In the ongoing K-drama “Doctor Cha“, besides the main characters, Kwak Ae Shim is also a name that draws attention. In particular, Kwak Ae Shim is the mother-in-law of the female lead Jung Sook (Uhm Jung Hwa), who refused to let her son donate his liver when his wife was critically ill. 


Initially during the early episodes of “Doctor Cha”, Kwak Ae Shim annoyed many viewers by treating her daughter-in-law like a maid, being spoiled and wasteful, as well as never thinking about her children and grandchildren. However, as the series approaches its ending, this character has made efforts to grow closer with her son’s family, confront her son’s lover, and treat the female lead better, leading viewers to gradually develop better feelings about her.


The role of Kwak Ae Shim is portrayed by actress Park Joon Geum. Born in 1962, she is a veteran artist in the Korean entertainment industry. It is known that the actress studied at Kyung Hee University’s Dance Department and has been a visiting professor at the College of Culture and Arts, Kangwon National University. In 1982, she began her acting career with the KBS drama “Innocent Love”, and managed to impress with her beautiful appearance and natural acting, despite not being a professional actress.

Park Joon Geum mostly plays wealthy wife characters, similar to her role in “Doctor Cha.”

Throughout her career, Park Joon Geum is mainly known for playing supporting roles, such as the wealthy wives and mothers of main characters. In fact, the audience might have bene familiar with her through popular series such as “Secret Garden”, “Rooftop Prince”, “Queen of Mystery”, “The Heirs”, and many more.

Recent images of Park Joon Geum.

Now, at the age of 61, Park Joon Geum still maintains a youthful style, even catching up with the latest fashion trends without fail. This a complete contrast to her somewhat “excessive image” in various K-dramas. 

Photo: JTBC, Naver

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