Director Jang Hang Joon praises Ahn Jae Hong, “He filmed ‘Mask Girl’ and ‘Rebound’ at the same time”

Jang Hang Joon, director of the movie “Rebound”, revealed his impression of Ahn Jae Hong

The September 13th broadcast of KBS CoolFM’s “Lee Eun Ji’s Music Plaza” showed movie director Jang Hang Joon appearing as a guest.

That day, Jang Hang Joon mentioned actor Ahn Jae Hong, whom he worked with in the movie “Rebound”. The director said, “The filming schedules of ‘Rebound’ and ‘Mask Girl’ overlapped. Ahn Jae Hong was very polite. Although I already knew about the overlapping shoots, he always told me that before leaving to film ‘Mask Girl’”.

Jang Hangjun

He continued, “I was very surprised when I watched ‘Mask Girl’. I never imagined that he would be playing such a shabby character when he was away from our set”.

Director Jang added, “I received a lot of calls after ‘Mask Girl’ was released because Ahn Jae Hong’s appearance in the drama was so different from his image in ‘Rebound’”.

mask girl

Meanwhile, Ahn Jae Hong starred in Netflix’s original series “Mask Girl”, which was released in August. The drama depicts the life story of Kim Mo Mi, an ordinary officer worker with an appearance complex who gets caught up in an unexpected incident while working as an Internet broadcasting BJ every night with her face covered by a mask.

Ahn Jae Hong portrayed Joo Oh Nam, Kim Mo Mi’s co-worker whose hobby is watching live broadcasts after work. The actor surprised many viewers with his transformation into a chubby man with glasses and bald hair.

Source: Daum

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