A female Kpop idol, who gained weight, was excluded from a schedule fellow members have?

All 5 members of IVE, except for Liz, get to do one particular schedule.

Rookie Kpop girl group IVE, who recently released their 3rd single “After LIKE”, are enjoying great popularity and active in various fields, from entertainment programs to music broadcast.

In addition, IVE members have been drawing attention in the fashion industry as well. However, out of 6 members, only Liz was not invited for a solo photoshoot, leading to regretful reactions among fans.

IVE Liz fancam

First, IVE members Jang Wonyoung and Leeseo recently showed off their beautiful visuals via an appearance in the September issue of fashion magazine Marie Claire Korea.


Meanwhile, the leader of IVE, Ahn Yujin, who is currently appearing in the tvN program “Earth Arcade”, showed off her model-like qualities via a pictorial in the September issue of W Korea. 


Within the same month, Japanese member Rei also released a sensual fashion photoshoot on the September issue of Arena Homme Korea.

IVE Liz fancam

Finally, Gaeul showed off her attractive short hair via a solo shoot on the September issue of Elle, making many fans’ hearts flutter.

IVE Liz fancam

This leaves Liz as the only one out of 6 IVE members to not have any solo pictorial, and fans express sorry regarding the situation. 

IVE Liz fancam

One fan said, “All the remaining 5 members took a solo pictorial for September, and only Liz is left out. Did the change in appearance really have that much of an effect?”

Liz recently became a hot topic for having gained weight since her debut. While most fans love her for the cute image, several netizens showered the girl group member in criticisms for “lack of self-management”. 

IVE Liz fancam

It’s not that Liz never gets to shoot for a pictorial at all. In May, she exuded a chic charm alongside Gaeul and Rei in a fashion photoshoot for W Korea. With her hair dyed blond, the female idol drew the attention of many people by digesting various outfits in her own style.

However, after her weight gain, Liz suddenly got no offer for September pictorials, leading to rising suspicions. 

IVE Liz fancam

Meanwhile, IVE, who has been receiving a lot of love ever since their debut, managed to establish themselves as a representative 4th gen Kpop girl group. 

While promoting for the group’s 2nd single “Love Dive”, Liz said, “I am being loved beyond imagination. I just think that I should work harder as I have achieved good results.”

IVE Liz fancam

IVE, who debuted in December of last year, already scored multiple hit songs, from “Eleven”, “Love Dive”, to their latest release “After LIKE”.

The group boasts an outstanding average height of 169 cm, and they are praised for not only their skills but also their visuals.

Source: Insight

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