Deleted scene from “Business Proposal” is a sweet date between the main couple. Kim Se Jeong looked like a goddess?

Turns out “Business Proposal” omitted 4 whole episodes, not just this one scene. 

Business Proposal” is probably one of the biggest K-drama hits in early 2022, leaving everyone to scavenge for any news of this office romance series. Recently, the behinds for a deleted scene, with both Ahn Hyo Seob and Kim Se Jeong, has been spreading across the net. 

This may be a super cute date between Tae Moo and the female lead Ha Ri.

Judging from their clothes, fans of the series believe that this could be a date of the main couple before the male lead Tae Moo had to go overseas. However, the final episode of “Business Proposal” was extremely rushed, leading to the major storyline being heavily cut, this scene omitted, and the audience disappointed. It didn’t help that Kim Se Jeong looked extremely outstanding in the behind photos, and if aired, this scene may be an extremely heart-fluttering one!

Kim Se Jeong looked extremely soft and sweet in her white jacket and pink tulle skirt. 

Some comments from netizens: 

  • There were already too little dating scenes and yet they deleted this one. The final episode made me question if the series had really ended
  • Why did they film so many scenes only to leave them all out??
  • Those outfits look so nice, why was this deleted from the show…
  • What’s the point of leaving out 4 entire episodes?? And Se Jeong looks so stunning too!
  • This is such a pity… a waste of such nice styling…
A Business Proposal

According to insiders, the broadcasting station SBS shortened “Business Proposal” from 16 to only 12 episodes, eliminating over 4 hours of footage. The result was an extremely rushed finale that greatly dissatisfied viewers with a lot of unresolved issues and events so fast-forwarded it’s hard to see their meanings. 


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