3 girl group members spotted at the concert of a boy group’s concert… There was also a member of BLACKPINK

Three members of famous girl groups were seen in one place. They are (G)I-DLE’s Yuqi and Minnie and BLACKPINK’s Lisa.

Photos of Yuqi, Minnie and Lisa at the concert of the boy group Stray Kids were recently posted on various online communities.

Stray Kids concert

In the released photo, the three were sitting in the audience seats watching Stray Kids’s concert. All of them were wearing masks and their eyes were focusing on the stage.

Netizens were shocked to see the unexpected combination. They reacted, “There are already close to each other?”, “It’s so amazing to see the three together”, “So they’re also close to Stray Kids”, etc.

Stray Kids concert

Other netizens also left comments, such as “Lisa and (G)I-DLE are close”, “I love the three’s friendship”, “Minnie and Lisa are both Thai so they’re close”, “They are idol members who watch concerts of all groups”, etc.


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