Daughter to “the most beautiful Korean woman”, yet this actress’s career suffered from great decline

It has been 5 years since this actress nailed a leading role, despite her outstanding background 

Actress Hwang Shin Hye, who starred in the hit drama “Marigold”, is considered one of the most beautiful actresses in Korea. Across her career, the actress has nailed various iconic projects, and was the “first love” of a whole generation of audiences, including future young actors and actresses. Hwang Shin Hye also has a daughter just as gorgeous as herself, however, this daughter fell far behind her mother when it comes to achievements. 

hwang shin hye
Lee jin yi
The sad career of the daughter of one of Korea’s most beautiful actresses

In particular, Hwang Shin Hye’s daughter, Lee Jin Yi, was born in 1999, and with her background, the actress drew attention the moment she entered the entertainment industry. She once signed with YG Entertainment – home to famous names like Kang Dong Won, Lee Ji Woo, and managed to score several noticeable projects. 

Lee Jin Yi even claim that she wanted to become an actress that always bring out true ability, raising expectations that she will live up to thẻ mother’s legacy. However, realty turns out to be different. 

Lee jin yi
Lee Jin Yi is now an artist under Varo Entertainment

Despite making her acting debut back in 2016-2017, Lee Jin Yi mostly assumes minor roles in school wed-dramas like “Mystery Freshman” and “Crushes: Special Edition”, with her most famous work being “Sweet Revenge”, which also starred Cha Eun Woo, Kim Hyang Gi, Park Solomon, and more. 

Lee jin yi
Lee Jin Yi most assumes minor roles

Despite being born with a silver spoon, Lee Jin Yi had little luck when it comes to acting, and 5 years later, she’s still practically a no-name on the K-drama map. Her last acting project was the 2019 movie “My Bossy Girl”, where she also played a supporting character. It can be seen that from resources to achievements, Lee Jin Yi could not live up to her mother. 

Lee jin yi
Lee Jin Yi at the press conference for “My Bossy Girl” – which is so far her last acting project 

It seems that Lee Jin Yi is also aware of her lack of luck regarding acting, and so has settled on a different field – modeling. Compared to her lackluster acting career, Lee Jin Yi scored various modeling gigs, with various invitations to Seoul Fashion Weeks and offers to star in fashion campaigns. She also recently created a YouTube channel where she shares the behind of her schedules, as well as her daily life activities.

Lee jin yi

Now, Lee Jin Yi is gaining recognition as a model 

In the end, an outstanding background doesn’t mean instant popularity, and Lee Jin Yi is only one among numerous celebrity children who had to build up their own career. 

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