“D.P.” Cho Hyun-chul’s father, who has been fighting against his disease, passed away today (May 22nd)

The father of actor Cho Hyun-chul and rapper Mad Clown (real name Cho Dong-rim) passed away today (May 22nd).

According to an OSEN report on the afternoon of May 22nd, actor Cho Hyun-chul and rapper Mad Clown’s father passed away after fighting against a serious illness.

Earlier, Cho Hyun-chul won the “Best Supporting Actor” award in the TV category for Netflix’s “D.P.” at the 58th Baeksang Arts Awards held on May 6th.

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At the time, Cho Hyun-chul said, “My father is fighting against illness,” adding, “I don’t know if he will watch this scene after taking painkillers. I didn’t expect to talk about something so personal,” he said.

Then, “If you turn your head a little bit, you can see a red flower outside the yard and window. That’s grandma. Because grandma is there, Dad, don’t be scared. Death is simply a change in the way of being. I hope you don’t get scared and spend the last moments beautifully. I’ll be right there. Sleep comfortably and well. I love you,” he said, drawing attention by leaving a touching acceptance speech for his father.

Jo Hyun-chul

Cho Joong-rae, Cho Hyun-chul’s father, is an honorary professor of industrial engineering at Myongji University and a graduate of Seoul National University. He is the founder of the Korea Society for the Study of Pollution and left a big mark in the history of the Korean environmental movement.

Actor Cho Hyun-chul and rapper Mad Clown are brothers, and Mad Clown is one year older.

Jo Hyun-chul

Meanwhile, his funeral hall was set up in Room 35 of Asan Medical Center in Seoul, and the burial site will be at Yongin’s Forest of Peace-Eden Paradise. The funeral will be held at 5:30 a.m. on May 24th.

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