D-1 Until NewJeans’ Summer Comeback: A New Summer Queen is Born

NewJeans is coming back. 

After dominating the domestic and international charts with their debut album ‘New Jeans‘ in August last year, and setting a record as the longest-running No.1 (14 consecutive weeks) on Melon, the largest music streaming site in Korea, with their winter single album ‘OMG,’ NewJeans  is making a comeback with their second mini-album, ‘Get Up.’


Ahead of the release of their second mini-album on July 21st, NewJeans will drop the pre-release single ‘Super Shy’ on July 7th at 1:00 PM KST. NewJeans is expected to live up to the public’s expectations once again.

The long-awaited summer comeback of NewJeans: Teasing a summer bop

The pre-release single consists of two songs, one of which is ‘Super Shy,’ one of the triple title tracks, and the prologue song, ‘New Jeans.’ ‘Super Shy’ is a song with a unique sound based on Jersey club rhythm and exciting beats. ‘New Jeans’ has a unique composition that alternates between UK garage rhythm and Jersey club rhythm, along with innovative lyrics that utilize the team name. Both songs are introduced as music that perfectly fits the summer, raising anticipation for the birth of NewJeans’ new mega-hit summer songs following ‘Attention’ and ‘Hype boy.’


Collaboration with The Powerpuff Girls: NewJeans’ global presence

In their new album, NewJeans proves their elevated global status through collaborations with global brands. Their collaboration with Cartoon Network’s The Powerpuff Girls, in particular, is drawing attention. 

NewJeans collaborated with The Powerpuff Girls, celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, to produce the MV for the pre-release song ‘New Jeans.’ The music video will be released at midnight KST on July 7th, and The Powerpuff Girls version album is also available for pre-order, receiving a heated response. 

Additionally, NewJeans has teased a global project with YouTube Shorts through the hashtag ‘#ImSuperShy,’ attracting attention from music fans worldwide.


Marching on with previous released hits

Four of NewJeans’ songs, ‘Hype boy,’ ‘Attention,’ ‘Ditto,’ and ‘OMG,’ are currently on the top 20 daily charts (as of July 4th) of major Korean music streaming sites such as Melon, Genie, and Bugs. 

Among them, ‘Hype boy’ and ‘Ditto’ firmly maintain their positions in the top 10 of all three charts. Their popularity in the mainstream pop market is expanding further. According to the recent Global 200 chart released by Billboard (as of July 8th), ‘OMG’ rose to 113th place, and ‘Ditto’ to 188th place. This marks their 26th and 28th weeks on the chart, respectively. Previously, ‘OMG’ and ‘Ditto’ reached their highest positions at 74th and 82nd place on the Billboard Hot 100. Music fans are anticipating an even greater leap for NewJeans.

Source: Daum

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