A series of Kpop idols appeared on the red carpet of Dream Concert 2021: Nancy, Miyeon became the focus of attention

The series of girl groups MOMOLAND, WJSN, Brave Girls… have won all the attention with their colorful and flamboyant costumes.

On July 17, the 2021 Together Again KPOP Concert officially took place, attracting great attention from music lovers. Today’s red carpet brings together a series of Kpop idols, popular new singers such as NCT Dream, BTOB, Brave Girls, Oh My Girl, MOMOLAND, WJSN, Kim Jaehwan, AB6IX, Dreamcatcher…

Due to the serious situation of the COVID-19 pandemic in Korea, all stars were on the red carpet with tight masks.  However, the stars still showed off their top-notch charisma, attractive appearance, and unique fashion style.  Today’s event suddenly has too many girl groups dressed colorfully and flamboyantly.  And all the attention has been focused on the goddess Nancy and the MOMOLAND group in general when the idols and her group once again became a fashion disaster in hot pink dresses.  Meanwhile, Miyeon ((G)I-DLE) stood out with her beautiful visuals but revealed her arched legs.

All attention has been focused on the MOMOLAND members by a series of colorful and matching outfits.
 Nancy has once again become a fashion “disaster”.  With her bangs covering her forehead and wearing a mask to cover her face, Nancy still revealed tired eyes.  The female idol’s pink outfit is even compared to pajamas.
So is JooE
The trio of MCs Miyeon (G)I-DLE, Jacob and Kevin (The Boyz). “Missing BLACKPINK member” Miyeon stands out with her fragile beautiful visual in a tight white dress, showing off her eye-catching curves but unintentionally revealing her bent legs.  She still makes people fall in love with her beautiful eyes that brighten up her face
WJSN’s sub-unit Chocome wore a dazzling blue red purple yellow outfit on the red carpet.  These pre-kindergarten-like flared skirts are only suitable for the stage, not for the red carpet atmosphere
Phenomenal group Brave Girls wore the same pattern of cheesy skirts during their comeback, only different colors.  This time, the 4 members wore pink dresses but were criticized by Knet as informal clothes
Oh My Girl looks like they are hanging out on the red carpet
Boy groups also chose colorful costumes.  The new generation “million album copies” NCT Dream also hit the red carpet with outstanding patterned clothes.
Jaemin stood out despite being commented on as confusing clothes
CIX on the red carpet 
Since Minhyuk has just received a positive result for COVID-19, only Eunkwang and Changsub attended the event.
However, the BTOB duo still had funny poses.
In the midst of a series of fancy-dressed girl groups, Dreamcatcher impressed audiences with its unique style and harmony among the members.
Rookie girl group Hot Issue was dressed all black from head to toe
Rocket Punch
Female solo singer Alexa attracts all the attention with her pink hair and sophisticated dress
AB6IX wears a luxurious and elegant black vest
A.C.E had funny poses on the red carpet
“T-ara’s younger brother” T1419

Source: K14

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