Current status of Dongduk Women’s University junior who exposed all of Jeon So Min’s past on “Running Man”

Im Se Mi, who strengthened her acting skills by playing supporting roles in many dramas, began to raise her recognition level by playing the female lead in dramas “Only Love” and “Love on a Rooftop”.

Im Se Mi

Afterwards, she won “Golden Acting Award, Actress in a Miniseries” at the MBC Drama Awards thanks to the role of Baek Ma Ri in the 2016 hit drama “Shopping King Louie”. In “Ms. Perfect”, she took on the role of the affair woman Jung Na Mi and received favorable reviews for her acting skills and appearance.

When appearing on “Running Man” in 2017, Im Se Mi revealed an unexpected relationship.

Im Se Mi

Im Se Mi introduced herself as “Jeon So Min’s junior at Broadcasting & Entertainment Department, Dongduk Women’s University” and showed off their closeness by revealing that they went to OTs and MTs together.

Im Se Mi exposed Jeon So Min, “She talked a lot at that time.” Im Se Mi showed her passion by lying down on the floor to protect her name tag. She also showed her unique charm and fighting spirit throughout the race.

Im Se Mi, who appeared in dramas “My Secret Terrius”, “When the Weather Is Fine” and “True Beauty”, will appear in TVING’s original series “Duty After School”.

“Duty After School”, which will be released for the first time on March 31st, tells the story of high school seniors who started a “real war”, not a war for entrance exams, to fight against the attack of a mysterious creature that covered the sky. It is based on the webtoon of the same name.

Im Se Mi

In the series, Im Se Mi will play Park Eun Young, the homeroom teacher of class 2–3 who prioritizes students’ safety.

Source: Daum

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