‘Confident soloist’ Lee Mi Joo mentions her former group Lovelyz, “Whenever we miss each other, we go into our group chat”

Former Lovelyz member Lee Mi Joo talked about carrying out activities as a solo artist.

On April 28th, The Star Magazine uploaded on its Youtube channel a new video titled “‘24 hours are not enough’. The driving force behind the ‘MZ Gen’ star Mi Joo is MacZoo…?”.

Lee Mi Joo, who will make her solo debut on May 17th, shared, “I’m very nervous, but since I’m working with such good people, I’m confident, and for some reason, I’m enjoying my activities because everyone is cheering for me as a solo”, expressing her feelings about her solo career.

Regarding Lovelyz, Mi Joo said, “We have a group chat, and whenever we miss each other and whenever we’re bored, we go into it and chat like ‘Is anyone bored now?’, ‘Does anyone want to see Lovelyz?’, etc. And we say things like ‘Me! Me!’. By doing this, we build up our stories again, stay quiet for a while, and then come back up again.”


When asked about her source of energy, Mi Joo replied, “All I need is my fans. I have their letters, and every time I read them, I really feel that I have to work harder, and I want to repay fans.”

Source: Naver

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