Confessing to having plastic surgery rather than getting exposed, male stars gain more public support for being sincere

Not only female stars but male singers and actors nowadays are more confident in confessing their plastic surgery experiences.

The days when plastic surgery was mentioned with negative opinions have gone. The public has gradually accepted plastic surgery as a good way to make one look more beautiful. Therefore, not only women but men are also making efforts to become more good-looking.

In a recent episode of SBS’s “Same Bed, Different Dreams 2”, the daily life of singer Hyun Young and her husband Park Gun was shown. Hyun Young took Park Gun to a dermatology clinic to get skin treatment. She told her husband, “Don’t you like to become more beautiful? People say that I’ve become more beautiful after getting skin treatments. I’ll make you look even more beautiful today”. She added, “I heard you reveal the fact about your plastic surgery on the previous broadcast”, adding “You got double eyelid surgery, right?”.

Same Bed, Different Dreams 2

In a past episode of “Same Bed, Different Dreams 2”, the MCs couldn’t recognize Park Gun in his past photos so they asked, “Who is this?”. In response, Park Gun confessed, “It was when I was 20 years old. I had double eyelid surgery”. Hyun Young also surprised other cast members in the studio when she said, “My husband’s double eyelids came out well. He also had his nose done twice. It didn’t look the way he wanted in the first time.”

Super Junior member Kyuhyun, who has been going back and forth between music stages and entertainment programs, once confessed that he had double eyelid surgery. Seeing his own photos in the past on a broadcast of MBC’s “Radio Star”, Kyuhyun said, “I found brightness after getting double eyelid surgery”, adding “It was the day of my graduation ceremony, and the sunlight was really intense.” MC Kim Gu Ra then asked, “Did you also get your nose done? Your nose seems to have changed a little bit”. In response, Kyuhyun confidently replied, “I bet my entire life that I didn’t touch anything other than my eyes”, confirming that he only underwent eyes surgery.

Moreover, Kyuhyun even revealed that he had revision surgery for his double eyelids. He explained, “The company suggested that having softer double eyelids would be better.” The male idol also shared, “I had the surgery right before my debut, and it has been about five years. I felt like my eyelids just suddenly disappeared one day”, adding “At that time, men without double eyelids were a trend, so I secretly wished for mine to disappear. But when they were gone. I also think it didn’t look right. Since they disappear so suddenly, I felt so awkward and eventually returned to get the surgery done again within 10 minutes.”

Recently, SG Wannabe’s Kim Yong Jun, who has been actively appearing on broadcasts again, confessed to having undergone eye surgery on Channel A’s “Groom’s Class.” When Kim Yong Jun complimented guest Lee Seung Chul’s looks, Lee Seung Chul responded, “Your face has also improved. What did you do?” and closely examined his face. In response, Kim Yong Jun confessed, “I had eyelid surgery last year. My eyes were gradually not opening. So I got them fixed.”

Among male celebrities, the pioneer of plastic surgery confession is former ZE:A member Kwanghee. Kwanghee didn’t receive as much attention as other ZE:A members during group activities. After Kwanghee confessed to having plastic surgery, his honest appearance left a lasting impression on the public, making him a “star close to the public” with a friendly image. It became a strategy that could capture both upgraded visuals and a friendly image.

Public opinion about “men who adorn themselves” is less flexible compared to the gaze towards women who do the same. The perception that men adorn themselves is still considered conservative.

Therefore, male stars admitting to plastic surgery has become even more challenging. Male stars who have undergone plastic surgery choosing to confess rather than being exposed to the public actually appear more sincere to the audience.

Source: Naver.

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