Concluded cause of Acro Seoul Forest Building shaking: Intense dancing from SM’s practice rooms

An analysis pointed out the reason why the building that houses SM Ent was shaking. 

According to Dong-a Ilbo, the Korean Institute of Architecture recently released a 200-page analysis report related to the shaking that occurred at the Acro Seoul Forest building, where Entertainment and some other companies are located, in January of this year. 

sm entertainment

In the published report, the Association of Architecture concluded that the building was shaking due to the phenomenon of magnetic resonance of group choreography. The association conducted an experiment where 8 people continuously stomped their feet for more than 30 seconds and found that the resonance spread throughout the building. In particular, SM’s singing and dancing practice rooms on the 9th floor measured a vibration of 59.3 gal, while SM’s offices on the 17th floor only had 0.4 gal, and Hyundai’s offices on the 25th floor recorded the lowest vibration of 3.3 gal.


Finally, the Institute of Architecture confirmed that there were no problems in the design and construction, the building was in perfect condition. A recommended solution is to install a control device that can reduce vibration levels. Moreover, the cracked glass sound is caused during the construction of the interior of the tenants, not related to the vibration.

Back in January, tenants voiced their concerns over the shaking of the Acro Seoul Forest Building. They revealed that the floors were vibrating, there was leakage in the ceilings, and creaking sounds were heard from the elevator and glass windows. 

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