Is the SM Entertainment building about to collapse? 119 is on the move

There is a rumor spreading around about witnesses seeing indicators of a collapse about to occur at the Acro Seoul Forest building where SM Entertainment is residing. The building management denied this.    

SM Entertainment

On Blind, an office worker community, a post was posted on Jan 20th saying,“The Acro Seoul Forest building just shook.” The writer claimed that many signs are indicating the building is about to collapse, such as: △ The building shakes all day long, △ Some part of the floors protruded △ Water leak from the ceiling, △ Windproof sound on the elevator and cracked windows downstairs.

Witnesses from employees of other companies who are in the same business building continued. An SM Entertainment employee said, “I sometimes felt the vibrations, but today was the worst. All the employees were surprised.”

Another employee also complained out of fear, saying, “I feel the vibrations three times today, I’m thinking of not leaving the office tomorrow.”

Another SM Entertainment employee also said, “I was scared because the vibration was so severe,” adding, “Shouldn’t we report a safety diagnosis?”

However, some people did not feel the mentioned vibration even when they are also employees of SM Entertainment. There are also disagreements from employees of other companies working in the same building that they did not feel any vibration.

In this situation, some employees working in the Acro Seoul Forest building’s business district poured out intense criticism on their management who forced them to go to work in the office.

SM Entertainment

The Acro Seoul Forest business building currently houses SM Entertainment, Socar, and Hyundai Glovis.

DL E&C is in charge of both implementation and construction. Acro Seoul Forest is a residential-commercial complex consisting of 2 apartments and 1 office building. It has 7 basement floors and 49 ground floors in total.

At the time of implementation, DL E&C promoted that it had introduced a seismic design that could withstand a major earthquake, advocating a “100-year house that is safe even after 100 years and passed down from generation to generation.”

The articles posted on Blind still exist and are rapidly being spread to related communities.

Acro Seoul Forest denied some of this fact.

According to an official, the symptoms of the building collapse, such as those posted on Blind, were not true. Although they conducted their own investigation, they could not find the same symptoms like in the post.

However, it was true that 119 received a report on Jan 20th when the above-mentioned post was uploaded. It is reported that 119 did not find anything unusual.

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