Comparing Song Ji-hyo’s Before and After in ‘Running Man’

On the 4th, the SBS variety show “Running Man” made waves.

On this day, they carried out the “Jihyo’s Stay” project as part of their running tour. Song Ji-hyo announced, “Today, we’re going into the mountains,” revealing the schedule, which included brain, body, stress, and mind detox.

Everyone exclaimed, “Jihyo’s Stay is great!” However, as soon as they arrived in the mountains, they were cut off from the outside world. They had to return their phones and communicate using walkie-talkies. Reluctantly, they handed in their phones, jokingly saying, “Are we in the reserves?” They then tested the walkie-talkies.

Next, they arrived at a mountain cottage. Everyone burst into laughter at a banner featuring Song Ji-hyo’s bright smile, asking, “Who is that?” Yang Se-chan even joked, saying, “She looks like she’s in her 20s, the golden lavender,” eliciting more laughter.

They prepared sleeping arrangements for a good night’s sleep. When it was mentioned that not sleeping would result in a penalty, everyone exploded, saying, “What kind of trip is this? It’s like being confined.” Yoo Jae-suk, feeling tired, exclaimed, “I should be sleepy to sleep well, but I can’t sleep at this time. It’s driving me crazy.”

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