Comedian Lee Soo Ji parodied “The Glory” Song Hye Kyo, “Yeon Jin, let’s eat until our stomachs explode and die”

Lee Soo Ji transformed into Song Hye Kyo’s character in a parody of Netflix’s original series “The Glory”.

Coupang Play’s “SNL Korea Season 3”, which was released on January 28th, featured a parody of “The Glory”.

In “The Calories”, which is a parody of Netflix’s “The Glory”, Lee Soo Ji performed the character played by Song Hye Kyo. Appearing as Lee Dong Eun, she confessed her sufferings in the past, such as burning dried filefish fillets using a hair straightener at school and not being able to eat Cheetos powder. 

Lee Soo Ji decided to design a revenge plan against Joo Hyun Young, who played Joo Yeon Jin in the parody, and returned to the school of Joo Hyun Jin’s daughter as a nutritionist. She gave Joo Hyun Young’s daughter a lot of pork cutlets, saying “Eat more, Ye Sol ah”.

Joo Hyun Young then showed up and said, “Is that you? The nutritionist who makes my daughter get fatter?”, drawing laughter. The revenge of Lee Soo Ji, which was different from that of Song Hye Kyo, who dreams of taking revenge as a teacher in “The Glory”, began. Lee Soo Ji said, “That’s right, Joo Yeon Jin. Welcome to my restaurant. Let’s eat until our stomachs explode and die together”.

Lee Soo Ji continued her unprecedented revenge by giving Joo Hyun Young, who had to lose weight, the taste of sweet and salty. Lee Soo Ji said, “Don’t get tired, Yeon Jin. This is just the beginning of your binge eating”, and succeeded in taking revenge.

Source: Daum

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