Comedian Lee Se-young talked about how satiated she was with her nose after plastic surgery 

Comedian Lee Se-young released a video diary about her nose’s plastic surgery and recovery process.

On February 27th, Lee Se-young posted a video titled “Comedian Lee Se-young, who returned after a successful nose surgery,” on the YouTube channel “Youngpyeong TV.”

Lee Se-young appeared in the video, saying, “Finally, tomorrow’s long-awaited nose surgery,” adding, “I think I will go to the hospital at 10 a.m. and start surgery at 11 a.m. tomorrow. I thought it would be okay because I had double eyelid surgery before, but I’m nervous. I also practiced breathing with my mouth instead of my nose,” she said, expressing her feelings ahead of surgery.

Lee Se-young packed necessary items after surgery, such as water, straws, and cosmetic products. “I’ll press my nose for the last time,” she said, holding her nose and twisting it around. “Now my mouth and nose are protruding together, but my nose will become higher. I can’t imagine. I’m nervous.”

Comedian Lee Se-young

After the surgery, Lee Se-young‘s nose was covered with bandages and splints. “My throat hurts from breathing with my mouth,” she said, “When I took out the cotton from my nose, I felt like I was finishing the PCR test in 0.01 seconds. I think it’s because my nose is broken. When people around me heard about the nose surgery, the overall response was “It was bearable” and “It didn’t hurt.” Now that I’ve had it myself, I think people glorified it a little.”

Comedian Lee Se-young

On the third day of surgery, Lee Se-young said, “The swelling decreased and a yellow bruise came up. My eyes and head hurt. When I sat down and tried to sleep, my back hurt and I couldn’t sleep,” the comedian said, adding, “I have a severe headache because I couldn’t sleep properly.”

Comedian Lee Se-young

On the fifth day, she said, “The swelling is beyond imagination,” adding, “I can’t breathe and even wear a mask, so I don’t have the energy to take a walk. I took a walk for about 15 minutes a day and put on ice packs for about 10 minutes. I tried not to eat salty food. I think there’s swelling, but I think the nose’s appearance turned out to be how I wanted it.” “I hope the tip is round and high, but I think the tip of my nose went up well so that my nostrils don’t show, as if I was using my hand to raise my nose,” she said with satisfaction.

Comedian Lee Se-young

Lee Se-young removed the splint surrounding her nose, turned her face around to check and said, “I’m very satisfied.” The star then said, “It’s still a little awkward when I talk because my nose is coming forward and my skin is pulled.” She continued, “I heard that if you take out all the threads in your nose, the swelling naturally goes away,” adding, “I still have a runny nose and when I touch my nose, I feel ‘jing’.”

Comedian Lee Se-young

At the end of the video, Lee Se-young said, “If you leave any questions, I will take a Q&A video to answer them.” “If you give me a question I can’t answer in the comments, DM me and I’ll answer you even if I might be late,” she said.

Earlier on February 3rd, Lee Se-young confessed several times that she got a nose plastic surgery on a YouTube channel and said, “Isn’t it good to get the surgery you wanted when you have a chance and money?”

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