“Cleaning their image?”  Seulgi did her new song challenge with U-Know Yunho and Irene

Red Velvet Seulgi’s new dance challenge video for her solo song recently drew attention.

On October 10th, a short video titled “28 Reasons X3 = 84 Reasons! You don’t have to know, but I have no bad intentions” was posted on the official YouTube channel of Red Velvet.

The released video shows Red Velvet Seulgi dancing to the title song “28 Reasons” of her solo album. In addition, DBSK member U-Know Yunho and Red Velvet member Irene appeared on both sides of Seulgi, showing their excellent choreography skills.

Some netizens who saw the image showed various reactions and left comments such as “Why these two people?”, “I think they are trying to clean their image”, “I know that Seulgi and U-Know Yunho are close”, and “All three of them are good dancers”.

red velvet seulgi irene yunho

Earlier, in February of last year, U-Know Yunho was caught by the police at a bar in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul after staying past the time limit of 10 pm until midnight. After 9 months of self-reflection, he attended the Japanese FNS Music Festival and resumed activities, and is currently active.

Meanwhile, Irene sparked a controversy in October 2020 after a magazine editor and stylist exposed the female idol of “power tripping” and shouting at her. At the time, Irene and her agency, SM Entertainment, acknowledged the accusation and issued an apology.

After the controversy, Irene stopped all her activities. She then resumed promotions, and has been devoted to group activities ever since. On the other hand, Seulgi released her first solo album “28 Reasons” on October 4th, and is promoting the title song of the same name.

Source: Nate

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