“Circle House” Han Ga-in talks about agreement with Yeon Jung-hoon, no child after 11 years of marriage, rumors of infertility and discord

Circle House

On SBS’ entertainment show “Circle House“, which first aired on the evening of Feb 24th, Han Ga-in said, “I haven’t had a child for 11 years since I got married. I met him at the age of 22 and got married at the age of 24.” As Han Ga-in was really young at that time, the news of their marriage was the talk of the town.

Circle House

As for the reason why she hadn’t had a child for 11 years, Han Ga-in confessed, “I wasn’t really confident to raise my child well when I was young. My husband and I settled (not to have a child yet), but I was asked when I was going to have a baby every interview. There were many rumors that we were not on good terms with each other. Infertility followed me as a related search word.”

Circle House

Han Ga-in explained, “Even though I’ve never tried to have a baby. The next process after marriage is not pregnancy. I was so happy that I chose to have and raise a child. I didn’t want to be (pregnant) because of people’s attention.”


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