Kris Wu continues to be required to pay a debt of $ 2.7 million

Kris Wu has not yet compensated for Vatti’s economic loss. This brand has repeatedly filed a petition asking the court to seize the male singer’s assets, forcing him to soon pay off his debt.

On February 24, Sina reported that the Beijing court issued a ruling asking Wu Yifan to take financial responsibility for the Vatti brand. The male artist was asked to promptly pay 17.5 million yuan ($2.7 million) to the plaintiff. The above figure includes the advertising remuneration that the male singer has been paid by the partner and the interest.

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According to Sina, Vatti continued to ask the court to freeze more assets related to Kris Wu and was approved.

Kris Wu Vatti
Kris Wu and the Vatti brand are having a dispute.

In early December 2021, Wu Yifan had his assets (including shares, real estate, and bank accounts worth more than 17 million USD) sealed for one to three years.

Kris Wu Vatti

The contract dispute case between Vatti and the male singer born in 1990 took place from the beginning of November 2021. Before being sued,  Wu Yifan was Vatti’s representative. However, during the time of cooperation, he was involved in a serious privacy scandal that damaged the brand’s image and caused heavy economic damage, leading to the brand having to rebuild the entire advertising campaign.

Kris Wu Vatti

In the past 6 months, Vatti repeatedly contacted Kris Wu, asking him to compensate for the loss, but received no response. After bringing the case to court, despite receiving many favorable judgments, this brand still could not claim the money because Kris Wu’s entire company was closed.

Kris Wu Vatti

Wu Yifan is still being detained for investigation. He was arrested at the end of July 2021. QQ said that according to analysis by Chinese lawyers, the male singer could be sentenced to 17 years in prison if the charges against him are true, including drugging, raping minors, etc.

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