Chungha gifts customized diamond rings to dancers who have worked hard with her on the stage in this summer season

Singer Chungha gave customized rings to dancers, who performed spectacular stages with her.

On July 16th, dancers who performed the new song “Sparkling” with Chungha, posted proof shots of the rings Chungha gave them as gifts on their Instagram accounts. 

Each ring is beautifully decorated with diamonds and gems and the name of each dancer is engraved on the inside.

Dancer Asha shared, “I’m so touched. This ring is really special since there are only 10 of them in the world. I will wear only this ring”, expressing her happiness when receiving Chungha’s gift. She continued, “Let’s enjoy the rest of the promotion. Thank you. I love you”, showing her affection for Chungha.

Dancer Lee Da-sol said, “It’s my first time wearing a diamond ring. It’s so pretty”. Dancer Sarah also praised Chungha, saying “She’s so kind”.

chungha gift

In addition to the rings, Chungha includes her polaroids in the gift sets for her dancers, proving her great sense. 

This is actually not the first time Chungha showed her gratitude and affection toward her dancers. Last year, Sarah appeared on Youtube’s web entertainment show “댓변인들” and surprised everyone by revealing that Chungha brought her a luxury bag. 


Appearing on Youtube’s web entertainment program “차린건 없지만” last year, Chungha received compliments when she criticized people who call the dancers “backup dancers”. She said, “I think the dancers are also artists who create the big picture of the stage together with the singers”.

Chungha released her new song “Sparkling” on July 11th and is currently active on various programs. 

Source: insight

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