Choo Ja-hyun opened and ended the story… Viewers complained about the meaningless ending of “Little Women”

The ending of tvN’s drama “Little Women” gained mixed reactions from viewers.

Choo Ja-hyun opened and closed the story of tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Little Women” by showing her strong presence in the first and last episodes. However, the ending of the drama received divided responses. The shockingly cruel scene where Um Ji-won was drowned in hydrochloric acid and the end of three sisters sharing the 70 billion won embezzled money made the viewers question what message the writer wanted to convey.

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In the last episode of “Little Women”, which aired on October 9th, Choo Ja-hyun played a decisive role in reversing the game by appearing as a witness at the final trial. She revealed that the embezzlement of 72 billion won was done by her and director Won Sang-ah (Um Ji-won), and that it was a thorough personal revenge plan.

Jin Hwa-young continued to expose Won Sang-ah’s crime. She held a press conference and revealed that the person who died instead of her was a woman she met through a suicide site two years ago. She then accused Won Sang-ah of being the murderer by releasing CCTV footage showing Won Sang-ah attempting to kill her. Above all, she also released the slush fund book that had been digitized to prove that Won Sang-ah’s family would succeed in their embezzlement if the “Accounting from the future” program is executed in administrator mode.

Worried about her crime being exposed, Won Sang-ah didn’t run away but began to revenge. She used blue orchid extract to kill Jang Sa-pyeong (Jang Kwang), who betrayed her, kidnapped Jin Hwa-young, and sent a message to Oh In-ju. In particular, after filling the sprinklers with 1 ton of hydrochloric acid with high concentration, she threatened, “First, Jin Hwa-young’s eyes will be blinded and her flesh will burn. After about 5 minutes, you will begin to think that it would have been better to be burned to death like Hwa-young. As the air is filled with hydrochloric acid, your lungs will be melted every time you breathe”. Jin Hwa-young screamed and suffered from hydrochloric acid that kept pouring out.

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However, Oh In-ju came through the iron gate that was exploded by a grenade and saved Jin Hwa-young. Won Sang-ah fell into the pool full of hydrochloric acid after a physical fight and died.

The three sisters had a happy ending. Oh In-ju inherited the apartment from her aunt Oh Hye-seok (Kim Mi-sook), and Oh In-kyung (Nam Ji-hyun) refused the scout offer and decided to leave for the U.S. with Ha Jong-ho (Kang Hoon). Oh In-hye (Park Ji-hu) visited the bank with Choi Do-il (Wi Ha-joon) on the day Park Hyo-rin (Jeon Chae-eun) celebrated her birthday. This is because Choi Do-il hid 70 billion won in a Panama Papers Company account under Park Hyo-rin’s name. Three people decided to share the money equally. While Choi Do-il took 10 billion won, Oh In-hye deposited 10 billion won to Oh In-kyung and 30 billion won to Oh In-ju, leaving the three sisters rolling in dough.

The ending of Won Sang-ah, who brutally murdered people in her own play without any guilt, was a cruel death, not a judgment of the law. However, it is a rather cruel and violent situation for a drama that airs at 9 PM.

On top of that, the 70 billion won shared by the three sisters is black money mixed with the money of Bobae Savings Bank’s victims. The appearance of receiving money created by illegal embezzlement reminds us of many victims who died because of money. Of course, it was not revealed whether Oh In-ju and Oh In-kyung accepted or rejected the money deposited by Oh In-hye. However, even if they refuse, the money will remain in Oh In-hye’s account. This means that the three sisters occupied more than 40 billion won.

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“Little Women” provided tension with deaths intertwined with the blue orchid. However in the end, there was only Won Sang-ah’s cruel death, and all that was left was money. It is also regrettable that it was removed from Netflix’s Vietnamese version due to controversy over distorting the Vietnam War.

Despite the vain ending, the actors’ passionate performances shone. From Kim Go-eun, Choo Ja-hyun to Uhm Ji-won, they perfectly portrayed the characters. In particular, Choo Ja-hyun showed a stronger presence than anyone else even though she only made a special appearance. The reactions to the ending were divided, but the actors’ performances received favorable reviews. “Little Women” ended with episode 12. The three sisters, who were poor but tightly united, now roll in dough, separate from each other and live a new life. This is why long lingering feelings and regrets remain.

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