Choi Ji Woo showed off her cutest 2-year-old daughter 

Netizens can’t help but fawn over the adorable daughter of the legendary actress

Recently on her personal Instagram, famous actress Choi Ji Woo made headlines by publishing photos of her first daughter after a long absence.

This is a rare occasion where the actress showed her child, and is considered “a special update” and rebuttal, after Choi Ji Woo was suspected to be a victim of domestic violence.  Now 2 years old, Choi Ji Woo’s daughter has shown noticeable changes, and was dressed in an extremely cute sundress while playing on the beach. 

Unlike previous updates, Choi Ji Woo’s daughter can now walk on her own without assistance. Netizens also couldn’t help but fawn over her cuteness, and praised the actress for educating her child well. 

Choi Ji Woo married her 9 years younger non-celebrity boyfriend back in 2018. According to Korean media, the actress’ husband was born in 1984, and currently manages a mobile app company. In addition, Choi Ji Woo announced her pregnancy in December 2019, and gave birth to her first daughter in May 2020.

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