Will actor Yoo Ah In’s propofol charge turn out to be a misunderstanding or a real habitual drug crime after the investigation?

Can actor Yoo Ah In, who is investigated by police on charges of taking propofol habitually, explain his “unfairness”?

Yoo Ah In was summoned by the police once on February 7th and is currently waiting for the result of the requested evaluation by the National Forensic Service to confirm his habitual administration of propofol. The process reportedly takes about two weeks, and in the meantime, Yoo Ah In is banned from leaving the country.

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Yoo Ah In’s propofol administration allegation was revealed through a report by TV Chosun News9 on February 8th. News9 did not mention his real name but said, “On February 6th, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency summoned a top Korean male actor for investigation on drug charges.”

This information is known to have already been shared among people of the Ministry of Social Affairs, including police and reporters, however, the actor’s agency expressed their position to wait for the results of the inspection and investigation because the identity of the victim has not yet been confirmed. However, Yoo Ah In admitted that he was the target of the press report about being summoned for investigation.

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According to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, the investigation was launched after the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, which monitors the distribution of psychotropic drugs, made a request to investigate why Yoo Ah In got propofol prescribed too often. They claim that Yoo Ah In has been habitually administering propofol while receiving treatments at various hospitals.

Yoo Ah In’s agency said, “The actor doesn’t take the drug except when necessary, such as for regular medical checkups and surgical procedures”, adding “ We are cooperating with all the investigations and will actively explain the problematic parts”, leaving room for further explanation. Attention is focused on the result of the investigation to see if this allegation turns out to be a misunderstanding or a real drug crime.

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Meanwhile, Yoo Ah In’s investigation has put all of his upcoming acting projects on alert, from Netflix’s movie “The Match”, which was already announced to premiere in the second quarter of this year, the series “Goodbye Earth”, and the movie “High Five”, which has already finished filming and will be released in theaters.

Not only film producers but the advertising industry, which is quite sensitive to issues of models, is closely watching the situation. In recent years, Yoo Ah In has maintained a good image in the advertising industry by acting in successful works and establishing himself as a ‘wannabe’ star. Brands that Yoo Ah In is modeling for are also waiting for the result of the investigation.

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