Changmin and Taeyang congratulated for first child, while Chen, Bobby, and Chansung are criticized, what’s the reason? 

As congratulations poured in on the news of Max Changmin’s first son, idols who became fathers are being re-evaluated.

On the 17th, the news of Changmin’s wife giving birth became a hot topic. Both mother and child are said to be in good health, and Changmin’s agency SM Entertainment also confirmed, “It is true that Changmin’s wife gave birth to a son on October 17th.” As a result, Max Changmin, who got married in September 2020, became a father for the first time after 2 years.


Netizens are also congratulating the news of Changmin’s birth and leaving comments such as “Congratulations”, “I was surprised”, and “He lives a really quiet life”.

There is no “standard” for an idol’s romance, marriage, and childbirth, but Max Changmin is considered “the standard of an idol marriage announcement”, as the DBSK member was courteous to his fans throughout the process of public dating, announcing marriage, and even giving birth.

BigBang taeyang

BIGBANG Taeyang also received similar reactions. In particular, Taeyang started dating actress Min Hyorin in 2015, and got married in February 2018. Three years later in December 2021, the male idol welcomed his first child. It can be seen that although both Changmin and Taeyang are top stars, they love quietly but beautifully, and receive a lot of support from the public.

On the other hand, there are many cases that have divided the fandom and angered fans. Notable examples are EXO Chen, iKON Bobby, and 2PM Hwang Chansung.

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EXO’s Chen shared the news of his marriage and pregnancy with his non-celebrity girlfriend in January last year. Against such an announcement, his fans couldn’t hide their anger at the male idol welcoming his first child after only three months. This may be due to Chen having continued his solo activities without saying a word, and is considered to be “thoughtless” to his fans throughout the process of marriage, childbirth, and military service. Chen announced the news of the birth of his second child while serving in the military in November of last year, and is currently a father of two children.

2PM chansung

iKON Bobby and 2PM Hwang Chansung also announced the news of their marriage and pregnancy at the same time, shocking fans who didn’t know anything. The issue of “premarital pregnancy” of idols, who should be role models for teenagers, may have also played a part in garnering negative reactions.

As such, while Max Changmin and Taeyang are praised, Chen, Bobby, and Hwang Chansung bore the ire of the public, who felt bitter that the male stars did not consider the feelings of fans.

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