“Put an end to a years-long debate”… Foreign media reported about BTS’ enlistment

The news of the announcement of BTS’ enlistment plan made headlines in foreign newspapers.

AP·AFP reported in detail about Big Hit Music’s announcement, saying, “The members of the K-pop supergroup BTS will enlist in the military, their agency said Monday, putting an end to a years-long debate on whether the stars deserved exemptions from mandatory service.”

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NBC News (US) said, Jin, 29, whose full name is Kim Seok-jin, had faced possible enlistment starting early next year after he turns 30 in December, with BTS’ members having already been granted two-year extensions. That had left a cloud over the group’s future and divided the country over whether to let the beloved band delay further or skip the draft entirely.”

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Sky News (UK) introduced, “The commissioner of the military manpower administration, Lee Ki-sik, told MPs it was ‘desirable’ for BTS members to fulfill their military duties in order to ensure fairness.”

Bloomberg pointed out, “BTS’ success has helped to bolster South Korea’s position as a cultural force and tourist destination, and polls show a majority of citizens think its members should be exempted from mandatory duty, which typically lasts about two years. Yet, exemptions are considered controversial in a country where privilege and threats from neighboring North Korea are major issues.”

bts busan concert

Yomiuri (Japan) showed high interest by reporting, “Big Hit Music said BTS’ oldest member, Jin, will revoke his request to delay his conscription at the end of the month and undertake the required steps. The six other BTS members also plan to serve in the military and are ‘looking forward to reconvening as a group again around 2025 following their service commitment,’ the company said in a statement.”

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