Chaeyeon reveals childhood photos with sister Chaeryeong and their funny conversation, “Isn’t this you?”

“Idol sisters” ex-IZ*ONE Lee Chaeyeon and ITZY Lee Chaeryeong drew attention with their cute childhood images.

On June 5th, Lee Chaeyeon posted on her Instagram account several pictures taken with her younger sister ITZY Chaeryeong when they were young.

In the caption, Chaeyeon left a birthday message for Chaeryeong, saying “Happy birthday my beloved Chaeryeong. Let’s be happy”.


Chaeyeon is a year older than Chaeryeong. The two caught the eyes of netizens by boasting their twin-like visuals. Their adorable appearances with chubby cheeks and bright smiles in the childhood photos also drew admiration.

In addition, the siblings also kissed each other on the lips, showcasing their close sisterhood.


Lastly, Chaeyeon uploaded some text messages she shared with her younger sister Chaeryeong on Instagram Story. The screenshot includes a photo of a baby sitting on a grass field. Chaeyeon wrote, “Isn’t this you, Chaeryeong?”

Chaeryeong replied, “That’s you, unnie”, adding “Ask everyone in the family chatroom. The pupils look like mine”.


The fact that even the sisters were confused about their appearances when they were young drew laughter.

Netizens who saw the photos on Chaeyeon’s Instagram commented, “They’re so cute”, “The ways they smile look similar. Lovely Chae sisters, let’s be happy for a long time”, “Both looked so cute when they were babies”, “They are the most lovely sisters in this world. They’ve already full of loveliness since they were young”, etc.

Chaeyeon and Chaeryeong made their faces known to the public after appearing on SBS’s audition program “K-pop Star 3”.

Lee Chaeryeong Lee Chaeyeon

Later in 2018, Chaeyeon participated in Mnet’s girl group audition program “Produce 48” and debuted as a member of IZ*ONE. After the group disbanded, she began carrying out activities as a solo artist.

Chaeryeong made her debut in 2019 as a member of JYP’s girl group ITZY and has gained popularity through the group’s promotions of numerous hit songs.

Source: Wikitree

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