Overcoming malicious comments when she first debuted, Huening Bahiyyih is leading Kep1er’s popularity? 

Huening Bahiyyih’s debut caused a controversy, but she is now one of the most outstanding members. 

Sunmi, who is about to make a comeback, shares, “Pponggi style + Monika’s choreography is the perfect combination for my new song ‘Heart Burn’”

Singer Sunmi will make a comeback with the single “Heart Burn”, which is full of Pponggi vibe.

The current situation of IZ*ONE’s official TikTok account that upsets fans 

IZ*ONE’s official TikTok got hacked and all the videos are deleted.

“She’s the best…” IU, now in her 30s, has set a surreal record

The record set by singer and actor IU in 2022 is currently a hot topic.

aespa’s Karina boasts unrealistically gorgeous visuals in comeback teasers for “Girls” 

Karina stuns in her individual batch of teasers for “Girls”. 

The 9-year journey of BTS, their achievements, legacy, an an unique presence unprecedented in Kpop

As BTS announces a temporary break from group activities, here is their 9 year history filled with never-seen-before achievement legacies. 

“You’ll regret it if you don’t go…” Watch “this” to understand the reason why you have to go to IU’s concert

A post about singer IU's concert is drawing attention from netizens.

Netizens theorize that BLACKPINK’s Jennie may be featured in the upcoming solo album of BTS’s J-Hope 

Jennie is rumored to be involved in J-Hope’s solo debut. 

Seventeen S.Coups knelt down and apologized after accidentally throwing a water bottle at a fan

The reaction of Seventeen S.Coups to a fan who was hit by a water bottle he threw is drawing attention.

Jeon Soyeon got attacked by water guns at “Waterbomb”: “Please don’t shoot my eyes…I want to see my fans”

Jeon So-yeon of (G)I-DLE asked everyone not to attack her face with water guns at "Waterbomb Seoul 2022."

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