Min Woo Hyuk Disappointed with “Doctor Cha” Ending, Didn’t Want to Film the Scene Where Roy Meets Another Woman

Actor Min Woo Hyuk, who plays Roy Kim, expressed his disappointment with the ending of “Doctor Cha.”

An interview with actor Min Woo Hyuk, who starred in JTBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Doctor Cha,” took place on June 2nd.

JTBC’s weekend drama “Doctor Cha,” which aired its finale on June 4th, portrayed the life transformation of Cha Jung Sook (Uhm Jung Hwa), who went from being a housewife for 20 years to a first-year resident. 

Min Woo Hyuk

In the drama, Min Woo Hyuk played Roy Kim, a doctor at Cha Jung Sook’s hospital who has feelings for her.

Was Roy Kim’s feelings towards Cha Jung Sook love? Min Woo Hyuk said, “At first, I had a lot of concerns about whether Roy’s feelings towards Jung Sook were love, sympathy, or a lack of family.” 

He explained, “Roy grew up under wealthy foster parents, but he is a character who has a real lack of family. So when he saw Jung Sook dedicating herself to her family and children, he thought it was the true image of a parent. Seeing her not being acknowledged or being disregarded by her family, his sympathy for her grew. He wanted to protect and support her.

Min Woo Hyuk continued by saying that if he were Roy, he would have wanted to donate his liver to Jung Sook, saying, “There is nothing but Cha Jung Sook for Roy. If Cha Jung Sook was happy, Roy would be happy, and he would give his liver to Jung Sook. Even if it’s not a feeling of love, he has genuine support for Cha Jung Sook.

Min Woo Hyuk

Min Woo Hyuk went on to express his disappointment with Roy Kim’s ending, where he gives up on Jung Sook and meets another woman. 

He said, “I would have preferred if he remained friends with Jung Sook or went back to the US to rebuild the meaning of family with the parents who adopted him. But hearing Jung Sook tell him to meet and love another woman… Honestly, I didn’t want to film that scene.” 

Source: Daum.

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