C9 Ent decided to edit the lyrics of EPEX’s new song, which allegedly mentioned the Nazi massacre

C9 Entertainment has responded to the controversy regarding EPEX’s new song

On the morning of April 13 (KST), C9 Entertainment gave a response to the controversy related to boy group EPEX’s new song.


C9 began a statement by saying, “Hello, this is C9 Entertainment. Here’s our stance on the controversy surrounding EPEX’s lyrics, music video, and outfits in the album’s title track vol.2 “Prelude of Anxiety Chapter 1. ’21st Century Boys’”.”

They continued, “EPEX’s music, lyrics, and music videos are all based on various literary works, films, and physical theories. Among them, many parts of this album are inspired by the book <1984> written by George Orwell published in 1949.”


The company also claims that “Anthem of Teen Spirit” is a song that points out and fights against the harmful effects of the robotic education system that Korean youth are going through. C9 Ent added: “In the lyrics, the night in the crystal’ expresses the realistic life of teenagers, used as a metaphor for the images of children burning in competition in the windows of numerous academies that are lit up brightly like crystal every night, and another expression is from the ‘glass paperweight’ appearing in <1984>”.

However, after giving explanations, C9 still apologized and announced that the lyrics would be changed to avoid causing controversy: “The above expression was judged complacently as an element of metaphor; and the data was not checked more carefully and in detail. We sincerely apologize to everyone in Korea and abroad for not paying attention to the use of controversial content. We take full responsibility for the controversy that has arisen, and we apologize again to the many people who were offended”


Some details in the lyrics will be changed as follows:

  • the night in the crystal > Myself in the crystal
  • Tonight, the crystals that protected us are shattered) > the crystals that protected us are shattered, today, I will
  • I see them burning raw > I see them running now
  • Crystal Night is coming > Crystal Light is coming

Earlier, EPEX was embroiled in controversy after some netizens claimed that the lyrics and MV of their new song “Anthem of Teen Spirit” referred to the Nazis. The group’s outfits are also said to have been inspired by Hitler’s outfits.

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