BTS’s V “BTS Loves BTS” (Mezamashi TV)

BTS’s V moved fans worldwide with his unwavering love for the group

V appeared on the popular Japanese TV program “Mezamashi TV” and captured Japanese viewers with his cute and candid interview. The broadcast featured Japanese star Ren Meguro as well.

Aside from being members of boy groups and actors, V and Ren Meguro are both the second youngest in their respective groups and have Pomeranians as pets, creating a friendly atmosphere throughout the show.

When asked if the members talk to each other often, V replied, “We chat a lot and send funny things to each other in our group chat room.” This indicated the strong bond and friendship among BTS members.

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The show also featured V’s music video along with an explanation that his album sold over 2 million copies in the first week of release. V said, “When I listened to this song, I thought about what emotions I felt, and I put a lot of effort into making sure fans and listeners could feel those emotions too.” Ren Meguro praised V’s voice, “Tae Tae (V)’s voice is incredibly stable, from low to high notes.”

When asked “What hasn’t changed in BTS even after 10 years since debut?“, V expressed his affection for the group, “What hasn’t changed is that BTS still loves BTS. I still love our music very much, and I still enjoy performing as a BTS member.”

During the broadcast, V’s pet dog Yeontan was introduced as a special presence who graced the cover of his solo album. When asked if he gives Yeontan many snacks, V responded with a smile, “I give them to him every day because he’s so cute.

Lastly, Ren Meguro asked, “There’s a pose I’d like to do with Tae Tae. It’s called ‘Artery Peace’. Can you do it with me?” V was puzzled, saying, “Why should we do this?” However, he agreed to do it, causing laughter.

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After the broadcast, “Artery Peace” became the number one real-time search term on Yahoo Japan, and “Mezamashi Tae Tae” trended rapidly.

In Japan’s Twitter trends, V-related search terms, including “Artery Peace”, “Mezamashi TV”, “Tae Tae Me Me (Ren Meguro)”, “Me Me and Tae Tae” and “Tae Tae-san” occupied the top 5, proving V’s immense popularity in Japan.

Source: Nate

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