“I’m getting married next year”… Superbee, foreseeable joke

Rapper Superbee (real name Kim Hoon Ki) announced his marriage as a “joke”.

In the early morning of Nov 16th, Superbee drew attention by posting the phrase “I’m getting married next year“. Superbee did not add specific explanations regarding marriage, raising curiosity.


Below Superbee’s wedding announcement, netizens expressed their curiosity by leaving comments such as “Are you marrying money?“, “Superbee seems to be doing noise marketing“, “Superbee is getting married? Congratulations“, “Who did you date?“…

On Nov 16th, Yng & Rich Records, the agency headed by Superbee, expressed bewilderment at the sudden marriage announcement. They told Xports News, “We are checking the related information.


As interest poured out, Superbee confessed that it was a “joke” 10 hours later. He retracted his marriage statement, saying, “I posted it as a joke, then articles appeared and my acquaintances contacted me. I’m already married to money.

Recently, there are more and more cases in which celebrities deliver happy news related to marriage and pregnancy through SNS. Accordingly, many people paid attention to Superbee’s wedding announcement, but it ended up being an absurd incident.


However, domestic hip-hop gallery netizens said they had already foreseen Superbee’s behavior. They commented, “No fun“, “As expected, he married money“, “His sense didn’t die only in music“…

Meanwhile, Superbee was born in 1994 and is 29 years old this year. Superbee is the head of Yng & Rich Records, which includes UNEDUCATED KID and Homies.

He made his official debut in 2015 with the release of the single “Shark In a Pool”. He made his face known by appearing on Mnet’s “Show Me The Money 5”. Last August, he released the EP album “Gangnam”.

Source: Daum

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