JYP suddenly registered the copyright for a new name: Twice will have their first sub-unit after 6 years?

However, there are also opinions that this name seems more suitable for a boy group/boyband than a girl group.

Recently, many Korean fans and netizens were surprised to discover that JYP Entertainment has registered for trademark ownership for a completely new name.  This information began to make many people curious about what purpose the name, which was newly copyrighted by JYP, would be used.

In fact, in January of this year, JYP Entertainment also registered the copyright for the name LOUD MINDS, which started to be used from May. But on March 12, people continued to discover that this company has copyrighted another brand called SQU4D.

Based on the activities that JYP Entertainment has set out in the near future, Korean netizens pointed out that when appearing at the shareholder meeting, the company representative received a question about the debut of a group that operates in foreign markets. Before that question, the JYP side said that they will focus on releasing a group targeting the domestic market this year.  For this reason, many believe that SQU4D is most likely the name of the new JYP’s group, which is about to debut in 2021.

However, for another part of Korean netizens, they believe (and expect) that SQU4D will be the name of a sub-unit for a JYP group, similar to the case of JJ Project or Jus2 of GOT7. Some people hope that this will be the name of TWICE’s first sub-unit after nearly 6 years since their debut, while others speculate that this name belongs to a new Stray Kids sub-unit.  They think that SQU4D is more suitable for a boy group/boyband than a girl group. In addition, many netizens also believe that the name SQU4D shows that the upcoming group (if this is the name of the group), whether it is a sub-unit or a complete group, is likely to include 4 members.


1. I would like this to be a unit for Twice but I feel like it’s gonna be another male idol group

2. Someone asked if this was an organic farm businessㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. I don’t like this name so I hope that it’s not a unit name

4. I’m curious

5. Looks like he’s throwing out school-violence Stray Kidsㅋㅋ should’ve just kicked him out

6. This f*cking feels like a male idol group… why do I feel like it will be a Stray Kids’ unit?… are they planning to launch a new boy group?

7. I feel like it will be a Twice unitㅋㅋ

8. I think that it will be a band

9. I feel like if it was a name of a male group, it wouldn’t be too bad.

10. Are they going to be 4 members?

Currently, JYP Entertainment has not given any response about the name SQU4D that the company has just registered for copyright. The silence of this company made fans and netizens more curious to wonder if JYP is really about to release a brand new idol group, or if TWICE will actually have their first sub-unit.

Source: Theqoo

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