BTS’s Jungkook makes a surprise appearance in Disney animated series “The Owl House” 

A Disney character is based on Jungkook. 

On May 22nd, BTS’s Jungkook made a surprise “cameo” appearance as a character with purple hair in Disney Channel’s fantasy animated TV show “The Owl’s House”.

BTS Jungkook

Director and storyboard artist of “The Owl House”, Bo Coburn, who is also known for her work on “Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure” and “Trolls”, tagged the accounts of Jungkook along with SHINee’s Taemin, Jessie, and BIGBANG’s G-Dragon on her Instagram story, confirming that these K-pop stars were the inspirations for her characters.

Bo Coburn also expressed her gratitude to the Executive Producer of “The Owl House”, Dana Terrace, for allowing her to include her favorite artists and represent their music and culture in the show. Bo Coburn also showed affection for Jungkook by following his personal account on Instagram.

BTS Jungkook

In BTS’s MV for their smash hit “Butter”, Jungkook appeared with long purple hair, capturing the hearts of fans around the world with his dreamy appearance. And it seems like the character in “The Owl House” was inspired by Jungkook’s purple-haired look. 

“The Owl House” has been receiving positive reviews from both critics and audiences. It took home an award for Children’s & Youth Programming at the 2021 Peabody Awards.

Source: Nate

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