BTS’s Jungkook did a surprise live broadcast at dawn and treated fans to a concert in his room for 4 hours 

BTS’s Jungkook drove fans crazy with his live broadcast where he did a mini concert for hours. 

On February 2nd, BTS’s Jungkook did a surprise live broadcast on the fan community Weverse inside his room at dawn for 4 hours. This alone would have been enough to make fans happy, but he even did his first instagram joint live with V.

In the Weverse live broadcast that started at around 2 am KST, Jungkook dressed comfortably and said, “I haven’t been doing anything lately, so if I did anything, I would have shared or communicated with you about my daily life, but I was completely alone. Sometimes I don’t leave my house for six days. I came because I missed my fans a lot. I watched videos on YouTube from time to time. I watched our (BTS) videos. But I feel like it’s a distant past. There are times when I miss it even though it hasn’t been long.”


After that, Jungkook revealed the current status of his dog, Bam, and started singing live on the spot.

He wasn’t just singing a song or two. He sang “Dreamers”, the theme song of the 22nd Qatar World Cup. He even sang New Jeans’ “Hype Boy”, followed by Younha’s “Event Horizon”, RM’s “Wild Flower” and “Still Life”.

In the midst of this, the number of real-time viewers reached 1 million when a joint live broadcast was carried out at V’s suggestion. Seeing the faces of V and Jungkook on the same screen, fans reacted enthusiastically.


On the other hand, Jungkook said that his plans for solo activities are undecided. He said, “I’m sure you’re looking forward to it a lot. The members are extending their work by doing solo activities, but I’m having an all-stop. I feel like doing nothing has become a habit and I’m comfortable. It is good for me.”

Source: Nate

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