BTS’s Jin and j-hope give encouragement to Suga after enlistment news

As BTS’s Suga announced the news of his enlistment, Jin and j-hope, who are serving in the military, sent him their cheer.

On Sep 17th, Suga communicated with fans around the world by conducting a live broadcast through BTS‘ official Weverse.

Earlier on that day, the news of Suga (real name Min Yoon Gi) joining the military was announced. According to his agency Big Hit Music, Suga will serve as a public service worker.

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Regarding his enlistment, Suga consoled fans, “Everyone, you don’t need to cry. We’ll be meeting in 2025, right?

He added, “It is a little sad that we won’t be able to do anything for two years, but we promised we’d meet again in 2025, right?

He also mentioned the content of the show “Suchwita” that he is hosting through BTS’ official YouTube.

Suga said, “I won’t be able to do ‘Suchwita’, but I had filmed a lot, so please look forward to it. See you in 2025.

Members Jin (real name Kim Seok Jin) and j-hope (real name Jung Ho Seok), who watched the live broadcast, left supportive comments for Suga.

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First, j-hope expressed his affection, “I’m watching the live broadcast before I return my phone. Your hair looks good on you.

Jin commented, “Hey j-hope, I was wondering where you went when we were in the middle of texting but you came here. Yoon Gi, have strength. You’re so cool. I’m cheering for you.”

He continued, “I was talking about you with j-hope. Have a good time in the army (Come here).”

He showed his reliable trait as the oldest member, “We’re always cheering for you. Have strength. Fighting.”

bts jin j hope

Seeing this, BTS’ fandom ARMY showed reactions such as “I’m glad Jin and J-Hope are there” and “I hope everyone finishes military service


BTS’ oldest member Jin enlisted in December last year, and J-Hope followed Jin last April.

Suga will enter the training center on Sep 22nd. There will be no official event on the day of enlistment.

Source: Nate

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