BTS V topped Wikipedia’s official chart in February for K-Pop solo artist page views

BTS V ranked first in the official Wikipedia rankings in February for K-Pop solo artist pageviews for 12 consecutive months.

In February 2022, V recorded a total of 204,635 cases in the official rankings of Wikipedia’s Korean project page (English version), ranking first in the Korean solo artist rankings. The group BTS ranked third, the highest both as a Kpop group.


Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia in the form of user participation, and Pageview, the number of visitors, is one of the authorized “social popularity indicators” used in the US Billboard Social Chart and presidential elections.

In particular, the English version of Wikipedia page is a proven indicator that can quantify the topic and impact of netizens around the world.

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Since the official Wikipedia rankings began to be provided in January 2021, V ranked first in K-Pop male solo for 14 consecutive months, and ranked first in K-Pop solo for 12 consecutive months, proving a powerful social impact.

In addition, in 2021 alone, with an average of 20,000 daily page views and a total of 7.69 million page views, BTS V ranked first on the ‘2021 Most Viewed K-Pop Artist Pages’ , showing off his unwavering ‘Social King‘ status.

In 2021, V took the top spot in the ‘World’s Most Searched K-Pop Idol’ based on Google Trends, proving his global popularity. In addition, he also reaffirmed the reputation of ‘Worldwide It Boy’ by ranking first in the ‘World’s Most Searched Asian Celebrity’.

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Instagram, a popular SNS that can gauge the social power of celebrities around the world, he also holds unique records, including two posts with 18 million likes for the first time in Asia and four posts with more than 17 million likes, the most in Asia.

V is the first BTS member to set two official Guinness Records certification records, proving that he is receiving worldwide love and attention as a star representing Asia as well as K-pop.

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