BTS Suga flaunts passionate acting in “Haegeum” MV, comparable to a noir movie

BTS Suga has made an outstanding return to the music scene as solo artist Agust D.

Suga released all songs in his solo album “D-DAY” and the music video for the title song “Haegeum” simultaneously worldwide, under the stage name Agust D, at 1 PM on April 21st (KST).

“D-DAY” is Suga’s first solo work in about 3 years since the mixtape “D-2” released in May 2020. With this album, Suga completed the Agust D trilogy (three-part series) following the mixtape “Agust D” released in 2016 and “D-2”.

“D-DAY” includes the title track “Haegeum”, “People Pt.2 (feat. IU)” (pre-released on April 7th), “D-Day”, “HUH?! (feat. j-hope)”, “AMYGDALA”, “SDL”, “Polar Night” “Interlude: Dawn”, “Snooze (feat. Ryuichi Sakamoto, Kim Woo Sung of The Rose)” and “Life Goes On”. In this album, Suga conveyed the message to focus on “me” and “now” in an era overflowing with excessively fast and enormous information.


Suga was in charge of producing the album along with writing lyrics and composing all songs. He led the overall album work from planning, concept to composition of “D-DAY”, revealing his outstanding capabilities as a producer. He improved the completeness of the album based on his firm beliefs and excellent producing ability, and collaborated with various musicians transcending genres.

The title song “Haegeum” is a song that uses the haegeum sound again following the title song “Daechwita” of “D-2”. “Haegeum” does not just mean the instrument. It has another meaning – lifting a ban and allowing something that is forbidden. We can probably say that the track means “being freed from being forbidden”.


Overall, the music video for “Haegeum” stands out with a well-organized story line and tense dramatic elements in an atmosphere like a noir movie.

In particular, the passionate acting of Suga, who played 2 characters who with completely different vibes, is the highlight. The confrontation and dramatic reversal between the opposite characters “Being” and “Exister”, which appeared in the concept photos earlier, attract attention.

Meanwhile, Suga will hold the world tour “SUGA | Agust D-DAY TOUR” in the United States, including Belmont Park (April 26th~27th), Newark, Rosemont, Los Angeles, Oakland, as well as Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Singapore and Seoul.

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