“The Dictionary of Useless Knowledge” BTS RM, “Will I get married? Young people doubt the marriage institution”

BTS RM expressed his opinions on the marriage institution. 

The broadcast of tvN’s program “The Dictionary of Useless Knowledge” on December 9th showed BTS RM discussing the topic “What kind of person we will love?” with the cast members.


RM commented, “I’m the only unmarried person on this show”, adding “Especially those who were born from 1990 and later like me have a fundamental sense of skepticism about the institution of marriage”.

He continued, “Would that happen in my life? I used to think it was a natural process, but a few years ago, I started to wonder ‘Maybe I won’t get married?’. Once I started thinking about something, I couldn’t stop myself.”


In response, Jang Hang Joon also expressed his thoughts, saying “We met each other yesterday. We meet again today. And if we still miss each other tomorrow and want to see each other every day, we will end up getting married.”

Kim Young Ha said, “Marriage is becoming a culture for the middle class. In the case of low-income families, getting married is a very important decision”. Shim Chae Kyung agreed with Kim Young Ha, saying “There are things you have to give up after getting married. It seems like the desire to invest in living their own lives has become the basis for young people.”


Source: Daum

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