BTS RM: “My nickname at school was talk box, I like to talk about miscellaneous knowledges”

tvN’s “The Dictionary Of Useless Knowledge” released a teaser, which includes interviews with its six cast members.

“The Dictionary Of Useless Knowledge” (directed by Yang Jung-woo and Jeon Hye-rim) is a trip for anyone to find their own self, the one that didn’t even know about, from various perspectives by looking for all kinds of people in this big wide world. With Novelist Kim Young Ha (literature), Professor Kim Sang Wook (physics), Professor Lee Ho (forensic medicine), Dr. Shim Chae Kyung (astronomy), MC Jang Hang Joon, and BTS RM (Kim Nam Joon) as parts of the cast, the show is drawing enormous attention. 

The Dictionary Of Useless Knowledge

In the released interview teaser, the six cast members show their various appearances and curiosity about humans. Specifically, BTS RM’s participation is drawing hot response from fans.

RM, a fan of “The Dictionary Of Useless Knowledge” series, has become a so-called “successful fan” by joining “The Dictionary Of Useless Knowledge” as an MC. RM expressed his joy, “I’ve been watching ‘The Dictionary Of Useless Knowledge’ with admiration and learned many things from the program.”

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When I was a student, my nickname was Talkbox. I liked to look up and talk to people about miscellaneous knowledge,” RM said, “I think it is important to spread knowledge no matter what knowledge it is,” raising expectations for RM’s participation in the show.

tvN’s “The Dictionary Of Useless Knowledge” will premiere at 8:50 PM on Dec 2nd.

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