BTS RM, “After 10 years as BTS, I didn’t know who I was”

In a recent interview, RM, the leader of BTS, confessed his worries and revealed he’s searching for inspiration for his 2nd solo album. 

On March 7th, Spanish media site EFE: published an interview with BTS leader RM. Here, the male idol revealed his thoughts about the future and admitted he is experiencing a “hard time on a human level”, especially with BTS’ military service and temporary break. 


In particular, RM admitted that it is difficult to stay on top, but he thinks “BTS will make it”. At the same time, he mentioned that “nothing lasts forever”. 

RM also mentioned that he is traveling to Spain to look for inspiration for his second solo album, as well as to see artworks from famous painters. 

“I came to Spain because of my love of its art and, if someone learns about my country’s culture through my songs, it is an honor that makes me happy,” he said. 


Regarding the future and BTS’ military service, RM confessed, “After 10 years as a member of BTS, I didn’t know who I was and I wanted to know. I started out as a teenage rapper, then BTS came along and it was all very intense. Now that the group is inactive, I’ve gone back to thinking about the beginnings and the real reasons why I joined BTS.”


According to the male idol, his solo album, “Indigo” was the result of his new approach, where he stepped away from trends. It presents a version of himself that stray aways from the image created by SNS and global fame. 

At the same time, RM said he’s proud of BTS, which helps people across the world to discover Korean songs and culture. 

Source: EFE

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