The Dark Inspiration Behind “The Glory”: Writer Kim Eun Sook Reveals How She’d Get Revenge if Daughter is a Victim of School Violence

Screenwriter Kim Eun Sook talked about the reason she wrote Netflix’s drama “The Glory”.

On March 8th, Netflix hosted a live GV event for “The Glory” Part 2 on its official Youtube channel.

kim eun sook

During the broadcast, Kim Eun Sook confessed that she started writing “The Glory” after her daughter asked, “Do you think it would be more heartbreaking if I beat someone to death or if I got beaten to death?”.

The writer said she found the answer while writing the script for “The Glory” and that she already came to her own conclusion.

kim eun seok

She said, “I have a solution if my daughter gets beaten to death. I’ll spend all my money to drag the perpetrators to hell. At least for me.”

Referring to Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo), a school violence victim in “The Glory”, Kim Eun Sook said, “Isn’t that the thing Dong Eun can’t do? Most Dong Euns in this world can’t do that.”

She explained, “Most school violence victims are those who couldn’t meet parents with money like me or didn’t have such a family environment. I wanted to show my support to them.”

the glory

The writer added, “Since reality is so opposite to what we imagine, I tried to make Dong Eun’s revenge succeed in the drama. Please watch and see how the ending turns out.”

Meanwhile, “The Glory” Part 1 was released on December 30th last year and gained huge attention. Part 2 will premiere on Netflix tomorrow (March 10th).

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