BTS leader RM mentioned a comeback date for BTS as a full group

In a recent talk show content, BTS members RM and Suga hoped for BTS to return to activities with their full lineup in 2025. 

On December 5th, the first episode of Suga‘s talk show “Suchwita”, which was newly launched through BTS‘s official channel, was released. “Suchwita” is a talk content where Suga meets people from various fields and shares candid stories through alcohol and music. BTS’s leader RM appeared as the first guest.

On this day, the two had an in-depth talk with traditional liquor prepared by RM.

BTS Suga

Here, Suga revealed, “RM wasn’t a heavy drinker before. I think I drink the most nowadays though. When we were young, when I came home drunk, he would look at me like I was pathetic.” However, he then added that RM drinks pretty regularly these days. 

Afterwards, RM and Suga took time to look back on the Corona Pandemic period, when singer activities such as performances were suspended, and mentioned the future activities of BTS.

“I remember exactly what happened on February 25th, 2020,” Suga said, adding that it was the first time they saw their schedules being canceled on the spot, and that he felt helpless as everything they prepared hard for was unable to happen, from music shows, album promotions, to their MAP OF THE SOUL tour. 

BTS Suga

Meanwhile, RM admitted that reality didn’t sink in to him then, that he wanted to deny it, and that it takes a while for it to kick in emotionally. “I’m not sure if this was when Daechwita was released, but I would throw pillows because I was so furious sometimes”, he said. 

Next, RM and Suga discussed the year 2025, to which RM said, “Wow, that’s in a long time. In 2025, I will have completed my military service, and will have started to grow my hair again. I don’t know what’s going to happen in 2025, but if I come back to work early, I was thinking that maybe… I could prepare some songs before the other members came”.

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Suga then replied, “Ever since I was young, I had a lot of trouble getting over the fear of the future. I thought that I had to prepare for unknown circumstances. So there was a point in my life when I promised myself to think less about it. That was 2020”

The two BTS members then agree that they should focus on the present instead, while Suga said he would not be able to say what he will do in 2025 because of that.

Afterwards, RM expressed that while there is no absolute in the world, it would be nice for BTS to all come together in 2025 and carry out activities as a full group. 

“2025 would be the year most of our members complete their service, and it’s also a monumental year… “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life” would turn 10 years old, so then we’re probably going to be able to do something. I think we’re going to try and keep that promise when we get back together in 2025”, he added. 

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Previously, BTS’ agency Big Hit Music announced that they hope to resume BTS activities as a whole in 2025, but it is difficult to specify the exact time. In response, the fandom of BTS expressed their support and claimed that they will wait for the group to return. 

Meanwhile, BTS plans to enlist in the military sequentially, starting with their eldest member Jin, who started his military service on December 13th, 2022.

Born in 1992, the 30-year-old Jin received a recommendation from the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism to postpone his enlistment in accordance with the 2020 revised Military Service Act. In 2022, Jin directly submitted a request for cancellation of his enlistment postponement, and started his military service within the same year. On December 13th, BTS gave a warm send-off to Jin at a training center in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi-do, where he will receive training before being assigned to a front-line unit.

BTS Jin military

On the other hand, RM recently  released his first official solo album “Indigo” and delivered a long message through Weverse, a global fan community.

According to RM, his first album was released in the last month of his 20s, 15 years after he started music. At the same time, he expressed his gratitude to the fans by saying that he had many complicated thoughts, but he had always thought that all his work, including his previous works, was for the sake of making this one album.

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RM’s “Indigo” was released at 2PM (KST) on the 2nd of December, 4 years after his mixtape solo, which was dropped in October 2018. It is an album that contains RM’s honest thoughts, worries, and various thoughts.

In the meantime, RM has directly produced BTS’ albums and conveyed his story without embellishment, giving comfort and emotion to the public. He participated in the overall album production of “Indigo”, from writing lyrics, composing all songs to the album’s concept, to music video planning.

Source: Daum

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